Farine Molini Ambrosio

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Farine Ambrosio

Our history

Passionate since 1886, a strong and uninterrupted link to the art of milling.

Since 1886, the Ambrosio’s have never interrupted their link with the milling industry. This secular tradition characterizes and distinguishes the company. The passion for the product and the secrets of soft wheat and durum processing have been handed down with dedication. At the same time, our company has always focused on research. Tradition and innovation are equally inseparable elements of our work.
These distinctive characteristics have allowed Molini Ambrosio to play a central role in the development of the Italian milling sector. We provided our customers with quality, care and state-of-the-art products, in Italy and in the world.

immagine storica del Molino

A company, a mission

Tradition and progress in the milling industry.

It is not just about history and tradition, the true strength of the company lies in the enthusiasm, commitment and satisfaction of our people. Those one who choose the raw material every day, process it and deliver the finished product with the sole objective of satisfying customer’s requests. This is essential when dealing with a product that is so elementary but complex at the same time. The company is aware of the expectations of industrial clients and artisans, and places them at the center of everyday work.

Molini Ambrosio offers to each category of clients a set of dedicated designed products. We help our clients getting the best possible result by meeting their specific needs through personalization and after-sales support with his technicians.