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    Easy & wide use

                flours of Tradition

    The flours of Tradition are designed for a professional daily usage, give a superior quality taste to your products

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    Innovative solutions
    for the contemporary pizzeria

          La Pizza flours

    "La Pizza" is a special selection of flours, designed to satisfy all the requirements of a contemporary pizzeria, and their consumer.

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    Unrivaled quality
    for a result
    destined to succeed

          Capolavoro flours

    The new Capolavoro flours are distinguished for the strong steadiness and digeribility. Designed for the conemprary food expert.

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Flours for the Pastry Shop

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Passionate from 1884

in an uninterrupted bond that binds us to the art of milling.

Stronger over a century of company history, the Molini Ambrosio is aware of how tradition and innovation are elements equally inseparable from their work. The Secrets of the processing of grain and flour, with devotion and enriched over time, we still find ourselves in a quality and a care product that has no equal in Italy.

Among the larger complex
milling of Europe.

Our facility has a storage capacity of 540.0003. Thanks to this the Molini Ambrosio join between the greater milling structure in all Europe.


The manufacturing processes are divided into 9 levels of machining with a milling capacity of about 12,000 tons per day of wheat flour of type "00" and type "0".


Our internal laboratory allows us to perform analysis on-site to determine with accuracy the level of quality and strength of the produced flour, in order to obtain accurately the desired results.

360° Custom

We do not just give each category a product specially designed, but we also allow customization, meeting the specific needs of even a single customer, helping him to get the best possible result.